Our process has been passed down from generation to generation and we continue to take pride in how we get our land and crops ready for you and your family. 

Custer Grain Co


  • Bulk & Bagged Fertilizers
  • Bulk & Jug Liquid Chemicals
  • Weed & Algae Pond Control
  • Weed killers for Lawn & Garden
  • BioGuard Pool Chemicals
  • Pioneer Seed
  • Small seeds & Grass seeds
  • Plus more!

Helping farmers gather and store crops each season to get it out of the fields and into homes.

3rd Generation & On

Third generation and current owners: Curt, Todd, Brian, and Kevin Custer. Fourth generation: Kyle, Eric. and Megan Custer are employees of the grain business. (Pictured: Top from left to right: Todd, Brian, Kevin, and Curt. Bottom left to right: Wayne and Harold.)

We Provide:

We treat ours and others crops with the best products out there. We strive to create the best outcome for the farmer. 

Three Generations of Farming



1st & 2nd Generation

A.J. Custer started the journey of Custer Grain with the help of second generation: Harold, Finley, Wayne, and Dale Custer. (Pictured: A.J. Custer wins a new world record in 1954 for best corn yield in official Indiana 5 acre Corn Club contest)

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm *
Closed:  Saturdays & Sundays *

*Hours subject to change